When the company nosiboo got in touch with me and informed me about what their product was I was immediately interested. 

Mason if you didn’t know has an inverted chest, it’s not a pigeon chest because he wasn’t born with it. His nasal passage didn’t develop properly. His nasal passage is smaller than other babies so when he was first born he had to breath twice as hard and it ended up pulling his chest in. 

As he gets older his nasal passage will develop bigger and be easier for him to breath. 

Because masons nasal passage is smaller, when he gets a cold or snotty nose (which he does a lot like his mother) it’s a nightmare so him to breath or drink his milk. 

Been using the nosiboo for a week now and I absolutely love it! Super easy to set up and use. 

It makes a noise when you turn it on which seems to soothe Mason and he just lies there and let’s me clear his nose. But he likes hovers and hairdryers haha. Takes literally seconds to clear the whole nasal passage. Painless and tearless. 

I also think there really cute looking 🙂 I’ve put mine on masons shelf at the minute. 

I’m sorry but I can’t stop laughing at this picture. Was trying to show you other colour options and he was just smiling away, couldn’t crop him out 🙂 

My review overall: 10/10 

Attractive looking. 

Easy use.

Easy to set up. 

Extras included.

Rebecca & Mason. 


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