Cheerz to that.

Happy Saturday everyone 🙂 

I’ve joined up and collaborated with Cheerz to show you their amazing website and app for creating so many beautiful things. 

I’ve gone with 20 retro prints 8×10. 

I started on the website and then saw they had an app. I downloaded it and it is easily the best app I’ve used. It’s so easy and simple to create what you want and checkout in minutes. I did my order within 10 minutes! 

Probably my favourite thing about my prints is that I got to caption them underneath the picture. 

I’m forever writing on the back of pictures or in a book under the picture, so I remember how old mason was in the photo or where we was. 

Check them out! They do so much, from prints to magnets to memory boxes, calendars, book marks etc! 

Information you need for them! 

Discount code: 1H9XFO for money off! 


Instagram: @cheerz 

Have a great weekend everyone and stay happy! 🙂 


Strawberry picking. 

Happy Monday! 

Just looking through other blogs I like to look at and I realised that I like looking at the pictures that people don’t put on instagram. The extra pictures that don’t make our IG. So I thought I’m going to blog more even if I don’t have much to say, just upload all the pictures that I take in a day and don’t end up uploading. 

So here is a normal day out with my brother, his wife, their baby and my mason. Normally I spend most days with my sister in law as Adam and my brother work everyday of the week and sometimes weekends. 

We went strawberry picking, had some brunch and played in the sand pit 🙂 


New hair. 

Good morning.

Just a quick post on what colour I used to go dark. I thought it would be easier if I posted some pictures 🙂 

I used to be a hairdresser and I was always dying my hair. Since I’ve had Mason I’ve had it done twice. I decided to have highlights and keep up with it, but I just never find the time to go sit and have it done for 6 hours. So I decided to make it easier and stick a home dye on. 

I’m also wearing extensions on these photos. There only half an inch longer then my natural hair but I use them for thickness and volume at the bottom. 

They sell this colour pretty much anywhere. Tesco, Superdrug, boots, savers etc. I cost me £4.50. I did have to buy three boxes as I’ve got really thick hair and needed to match up my extensions. 

Loving being back on the dark side 😉 

Rebecca x 



Happy Sunday everyone! 

This evenings post is about masons keepsake box. What I’ve put inside and where his box is from. 

Firstly his beautiful box is from p_k_boutique on Instagram. Go give her a follow! 

Here’s some pictures of our choice of box. 

In masons keepsake box the things are probably so different from others, because it’s whatever you remember when they were little and why memories the little things hold.

Such as a little wooden star with masons name and 2015 printed on. So simple but it was masons first Christmas tree hanging. 

Personalised vest my mum had made from Disney after Mason was born. 

The first baby grow I ever bought with baby marsh stitched on from My 1st Years. Bought this even before I knew Mason was a little beautiful baby boy. 

All his first birthday cards and ‘congratulations it’s a boy’ cards. 

One of my baby shower invites. 

Masons first pair of slippers which he never wore because I treasured them to much! My big step sister bought them for him. I think they were the first present I received, as I told my family before 12 weeks announcement. 

Last thing is a personalised candle I received from a friend I was supposed to light when he was born but again I wanted to keep it. 

Still collecting bits as I go along. Masons first baby grow he wore in hospital, his foot prints in ink, his first curl etc. By the time he’s older I’m sure I won’t be able to shut it! Everything holds a memory and isn’t that something amazing! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and have a great Sunday evening 🙂 

Rebecca x 

ALDI baby event haul. 

Star print bean bag – £16.99

Nuby travel booster seat – £11.99 – I think these amazing. Mason can sit at the table with us and have dinner as he’s not a massive fan of his high chair. 

Potty training seat – £2.99 

Nuby juice bottle – £2.49

Swim nappy pants – £4.49

Hooded towel and flannel – £2.99

Music books – £1.79 – Mason absolutely loves these! 

Of course some fresh flowers for me. 

Also if you follow me on Instagram you’ll see we just bought Mason some new big toys from ALDI. Market stall, puppet theatre and cardboard colour in house. All from ALDI. 

The market stall is £34.99 

Puppet theatre is £25.99 (I think) 

Cardboard house is £9.99

Hope you enjoyed our little Aldi haul. 

Rebecca x 

Wednesday play. 

Playing today I realised that Mason is growing up quicker then I can keep up! Masons auntie gave him some little pots of play dough to try – I say to try because I instantly thought he won’t get it and just try to eat it. 

Boy was I wrong. He was rolling it up, cutting it up with his toy knifes, making shapes. Didn’t put it in his mouth once! He’s growing up and realising things he can and can’t put in his mouth now. 

I watch him play and he amazes me. How much imagination he has and how he can play with his pots and pans for hours. My baby certainly has grown up and I’m loving every moment. 

Rebecca x 


Good evening guys! 

Tonight I’m showing off my mum tum in the not so flattering light. I know I’m not fat and I don’t think I am if anyone’s getting that vibe. Just wanted to show that not all angles are flattering and pictures are not always showing the unflattering sides. 

I haven’t been waist training, working out or eating right. My stomach has took the beating of all the chocolate and biscuits I’ve been consuming. 

I don’t like the way my stomach looks at the moment I’ll be honest but it doesn’t bother me to the point I get upset. I made a baby in there! I’m proud of this flabby tum! 

Although I would like a flat tummy and a perfectly curved body to just appear it’s not happening. I need to get motivated! So starting this week I’ve been back at my waist training and my little home workouts (just stomach crunches, sit ups and squats). 

My waist trainer is from @maskateertm on Instagram. I love mine! It was really working for me which has annoyed me more that I got lazy, but oh well. Always time to start again! 

10% off code for maskateer – REBECCA10

I thought I’d do this blog post now while I’ve gained a bit of tummy weight so you can all see the progress when I do an update blog. Plus I just wanted to show I am human and my tummy is not flat and Victoria secret looking perfect ( as much as I pray ). Plus recently I keep finding myself getting more paranoid about it. Is my tummy showing through my top? Oh god I’ve got a bulge under my belt?! I always say to people if you don’t like something change it. So I’m taking my own advice and kicking my ass in to gear. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment on my latest Instagram picture if you’d like an update on my tummy loss or gain! 

Rebecca x