Strawberry picking. 

Happy Monday!  Just looking through other blogs I like to look at and I realised that I like looking at the pictures that people don't put on instagram. The extra pictures that don't make our IG. So I thought I'm going to blog more even if I don't have much to say, just upload all … Continue reading Strawberry picking. 


New hair. 

Good morning. Just a quick post on what colour I used to go dark. I thought it would be easier if I posted some pictures 🙂  I used to be a hairdresser and I was always dying my hair. Since I've had Mason I've had it done twice. I decided to have highlights and keep … Continue reading New hair. 


   Happy Sunday everyone!  This evenings post is about masons keepsake box. What I've put inside and where his box is from.  Firstly his beautiful box is from p_k_boutique on Instagram. Go give her a follow!  Here's some pictures of our choice of box.  In masons keepsake box the things are probably so different from … Continue reading Keepsake. 


Good evening guys!  Tonight I'm showing off my mum tum in the not so flattering light. I know I'm not fat and I don't think I am if anyone's getting that vibe. Just wanted to show that not all angles are flattering and pictures are not always showing the unflattering sides.  I haven't been waist … Continue reading Motivate!