New hair. 

Good morning.

Just a quick post on what colour I used to go dark. I thought it would be easier if I posted some pictures 🙂 

I used to be a hairdresser and I was always dying my hair. Since I’ve had Mason I’ve had it done twice. I decided to have highlights and keep up with it, but I just never find the time to go sit and have it done for 6 hours. So I decided to make it easier and stick a home dye on. 

I’m also wearing extensions on these photos. There only half an inch longer then my natural hair but I use them for thickness and volume at the bottom. 

They sell this colour pretty much anywhere. Tesco, Superdrug, boots, savers etc. I cost me £4.50. I did have to buy three boxes as I’ve got really thick hair and needed to match up my extensions. 

Loving being back on the dark side 😉 

Rebecca x 


3 thoughts on “New hair. 

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      1. Yeah it’s awful, I went red back in October at a salon I wanted burgundy and just cost so must and I didn’t like it because it didn’t suit me anymore haha xx


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