Happy Sunday everyone! 

This evenings post is about masons keepsake box. What I’ve put inside and where his box is from. 

Firstly his beautiful box is from p_k_boutique on Instagram. Go give her a follow! 

Here’s some pictures of our choice of box. 

In masons keepsake box the things are probably so different from others, because it’s whatever you remember when they were little and why memories the little things hold.

Such as a little wooden star with masons name and 2015 printed on. So simple but it was masons first Christmas tree hanging. 

Personalised vest my mum had made from Disney after Mason was born. 

The first baby grow I ever bought with baby marsh stitched on from My 1st Years. Bought this even before I knew Mason was a little beautiful baby boy. 

All his first birthday cards and ‘congratulations it’s a boy’ cards. 

One of my baby shower invites. 

Masons first pair of slippers which he never wore because I treasured them to much! My big step sister bought them for him. I think they were the first present I received, as I told my family before 12 weeks announcement. 

Last thing is a personalised candle I received from a friend I was supposed to light when he was born but again I wanted to keep it. 

Still collecting bits as I go along. Masons first baby grow he wore in hospital, his foot prints in ink, his first curl etc. By the time he’s older I’m sure I won’t be able to shut it! Everything holds a memory and isn’t that something amazing! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and have a great Sunday evening 🙂 

Rebecca x 


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