Good evening guys! 

Tonight I’m showing off my mum tum in the not so flattering light. I know I’m not fat and I don’t think I am if anyone’s getting that vibe. Just wanted to show that not all angles are flattering and pictures are not always showing the unflattering sides. 

I haven’t been waist training, working out or eating right. My stomach has took the beating of all the chocolate and biscuits I’ve been consuming. 

I don’t like the way my stomach looks at the moment I’ll be honest but it doesn’t bother me to the point I get upset. I made a baby in there! I’m proud of this flabby tum! 

Although I would like a flat tummy and a perfectly curved body to just appear it’s not happening. I need to get motivated! So starting this week I’ve been back at my waist training and my little home workouts (just stomach crunches, sit ups and squats). 

My waist trainer is from @maskateertm on Instagram. I love mine! It was really working for me which has annoyed me more that I got lazy, but oh well. Always time to start again! 

10% off code for maskateer – REBECCA10

I thought I’d do this blog post now while I’ve gained a bit of tummy weight so you can all see the progress when I do an update blog. Plus I just wanted to show I am human and my tummy is not flat and Victoria secret looking perfect ( as much as I pray ). Plus recently I keep finding myself getting more paranoid about it. Is my tummy showing through my top? Oh god I’ve got a bulge under my belt?! I always say to people if you don’t like something change it. So I’m taking my own advice and kicking my ass in to gear. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment on my latest Instagram picture if you’d like an update on my tummy loss or gain! 

Rebecca x


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