How I edit my photos. 

Today’s blog post is one that has been requested quite a lot. I get asked a lot so I thought I would blog it and show how to find the app and things and some of my little secrets! 

Before even using the app I have to share how I set out my pictures. As you all can see on my Instagram I do love a white background, it’s not always possible to get my boy set nicely in front of a white background. 

I always take my pictures in daylight, never when the suns gone in. I never use the flash either. Everyone finds a certain way they like the picture. Mine is bright with as much daylight as I can get! 

The app I use is called VSCO. You will find it if you search your App Store. It will look like this picture below. 

Then you need to click the trolley icon and download the filter ‘the aesthetic series’ for the A5 filter. 

Then boom! You’ve got it! Tap the + icon and add your pictures and get editing. I only really use the contract, sharpen and brighten icons. 

Sorry it’s took so long for this blog guys. Hope you all enjoyed it and enjoy playing with the app! 🙂 rebeccajaydex 


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