My mummy bag. 


I thought I would do a little blog about my mummy bag as I call it. 

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I used to have the Mothercare Nova changing bag. It was leather, black, it had studs and it was just well perfect for me. But as Mason has grown up my bag has got emptier. 

I decided to down size to the Tiba+Marl at Mama and Papas. It is perfect! It’s still black, leather and stylish looking. The style reminds me of a bowler bag shape which I love. 

It has a large pocket on one side which perfectly fits my iPad, masons red book and the changing mat that comes with the bag. 

There is a bottle holder on each side of the bag. One the holders is to keep the bottle warm or cold, the other has elastics to hold their juice bottle up and prevent any juice all over the bottom of your bag and soggy nappies. I’ve done this to many times. 

The other side has a pocket perfect size for masons nappies and a small one for my phone. It makes me feel very organised in a world of chaos! 

Lastly, take the long strap off and it’s a gorgeous handbag for date night! 

Little P.S 

I’m not some super mum with a super clean child that doesn’t wee up himself or touch anything that’s messy..let’s be real. 

I always have a back pack in my car which is from @ariellascloset_ar on Instagram. 

It always has two pairs of leggings, two vests, a top, cardigan and nappies. 


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