Sleepy time.


I thought I would do a blog on masons sleeping patterns as it’s what I get asked about the most on Instagram. 

I’m not strict with masons sleeping and everyday is different but he’s normally asleep by 6.30pm. Masons a very good sleeper, he sleeps around 13 hours each night. He didn’t always believe me. When he was first born he didn’t sleep longer than an hour without waking up and thinking it’s party time again! 

As masons got older his routine and kept changing. Mason used to nap two times a day and me and Adam would just wait for him to fall asleep on our bed then move him straight into his cot. Apart from when Mason was very little, he’s never slept in my bed. He’s very wriggly and likes a lot of space! 

As Mason got older I started cutting his naps down to once a day and they always fell at around 10am, so by 6pm he ready to drop. 

But now 90% of the time he doesn’t nap in the day. If he’s woke up earlier that morning then usual and he’s tired by 10/11am I just let him drop off too sleep. I stopped masons naps about 2 months ago and he’s fine without a nap. He still has loads of energy and his mood isn’t any different. If he was tired and miserable of course I would let him to go to sleep which some days does happen. 

Mason went though a phase where he would get really upset whenever I tried to put him down for a nap or if he felt like I was trying to relax him. So I just stopped trying and he just carried on as normal being barking mad! 

Masons routine differs everyday depending what we’ve been doing. We spend a lot of time at my older brothers and he ends up falling asleep on the way home. Masons really good because you can carry him from the car and put him in bed and he doesn’t wake up. 

On a normal day I normally bath Mason around 4/4.30pm. He has his dinner after his bath because his dad gets home at 5pm so we all have dinner together and by 5.30pm some days masons to tired to bath so I do it when he’s chirpy and can enjoy it. 

After his dinner he plays in his bedroom with me and his dad until he starts to rub his eyes and Mason lets you know when it’s bed time. He says mum mum mum over and over again. Quite cute to be honest but I think that’s because I can’t get enough of him saying my name. 

I make his milk and his night time bottle I always make a bit warmer so it settles nicely on his tummy. Mason only has two bottles of cows milk a day now. Sometimes he will only have one and other days he will have three. All depending on how he’s feeling and what he fancies eating that day. 

I have an arm chair in masons room, which I lay him in my arms, feed him his bottle, which normally he falls asleep drinking or I will lay him in his cot and he will sooth himself to sleep. This took a few times to work. He didn’t just drop off the first time I lay him in there. He would cry I would go in lay him back down give him another kiss and cover him up. I think I did this 10 times the first few times I tried self soothing him. 

Every body puts their children to sleep in different ways. It’s what works for you in your home. Mason used to fall asleep in my arms in my bed every night but as he got older he would literally stay awake till 12pm. He has so much energy and he really didn’t want to let himself fall asleep. 

Mason also has a bottle of milk in the middle of the night about 3pm. I do the same in the night. Sit in the chair and lie him on me. Give him his bottle and lay him back down and he will go straight back to sleep. Well sometimes. Not going to lie, sometimes after his bottle he will lie in his bed shouting dad and laughing for 15 minutes but he soon gives up and realises mummy does not want to have a party at 3.30am 🙂 Mason odd times will sleep through but 90% of the time he has a bottle in the night. I’ve tried giving his dummy but he just spits it out and cries till I give him his bottle. I really don’t mind because Mason does sleep a long time, so he probably is really hungry by 3pm. 

Hope your have enjoyed masons little sleep routines. Just remember that every baba is different and this is just what works for me and most importantly for Mason. 🙂 


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