Storksak Organics spa set. 

Thought I’d do a little review on my new spa set from Storksak. I’ll leave the link below here:

I’ve been using the shampoo and body lotion for over a month now and I’ve fallen in love with them. So I decided to try the whole range. The shampoo and body wash smells incredible and Mason hair and skin is always so soft. 

The baby balm works on masons dry skin within days. It’s superb! You can use it on the most delicate skin. 

I think with all the products is the amount you need that I favour. Such a small amount goes a long way. The shampoo I’ve had for 6 weeks now and I’ve used it on Mason everyday and I haven’t even used a quarter of the 100ml bottle. 

The baby oil is becoming my favourite of the set. You run it into yours or your child’s bath and it leaves their skin feeling so hydrated and soft it’s unreal! 

I love oils but I hate when they leave you feeling really sticky. This is perfect because it soaks into their skin while their bathing and no oily mess when they get out. 

These wipes have been amazing for masons face. As he’s always eating it means always has stuff all over his face (and hair most of the time). I use these wipes for masons face and it stops him getting dry skin from me cleaning his face 50 times a day. 

The combination of English pear, chamomile and honey is so subtle and delicious smelling. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review and it’s helped if anyone is thinking of trying some organic bath products. 



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