Emma Mattress

Hello again! 

Keeping my promise and blogging about more things. Thought I’d blog about mine and Adams new mattress! 

We’ve been wanting a new mattress for so long, but had masons birthday, then mine, then Christmas and it just kept getting put back. 

But finally we have our mattress from https://www.emma-mattress.co.uk/

So easy to have delivered as it’s flat packed. Just cut open the bag and it pops into the dreamiest mattress! 

I like to blog about things that I truely love and feel others would be interested to read about. 

Having a toddler is tiring work, even on good days with Mason he still tires me out beyond believe. He has so much more energy then me! So at night I feel like I need a mattress that’s comfortable but supports my aching bones, haha! 

I can hand on heart say since I’ve slept on the Emma Mattress I’ve not woken up once in the night and I’ve felt so rested every morning. 

This picture was taken by my other half when I was letting the child inside of me out and jumped all over the bed 🙂 

Look how squishy is looks where my feet are?! 

If your looking for a new mattress I would have a look and a read through the website. The team are great too if you need to ask if it benefits certain back problems etc. 

Or have a look at other customers photos you can go to there Instagram: @emma.mattress that’s how I discovered them. 

Happy Monday! 


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