Storksak review


Sorry it’s been so so long since I’ve blogged, but sometimes it’s hard to find things to blog about. 

Recently I ordered this travel bag as my family live four hours away from me. Now masons older we wanted to start travelling up north more. So I was looking for a travel system for Mason things. 

I found the perfect carry on/ hold all bag! This is the direct link:

Here’s some images of inside the bag. 

The fact that is has separators is awesome enough, then it has handles so you can just pull the sections out and don’t have to keep looking in the bag for things. 

Also inside as pockets which I’ve used for bottles and nappies. You just arrange it how you want and place it inside the bag. Or can be used just as a duffle bag and leave the sections out. 

Now for the outside. It’s gorgeous. 

I’m literally that impressed with this bag I’ve ordered the grey duffle for myself! 

Travelling sorted. Now just to book a hotel! 

Hope you enjoyed this and was helpful for anyone looking for this style of bag for travelling. 

I’ll also leave the link to the website as they have loads of baby bags and other changing bags! 




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