Happy Monday! 

A lot of people asking what paint and stuff I used on the eeyore rocker. 

First off I found this rocker on a selling site in my area for £5. No one comment on it and I could believe it. Some things i just look at and think they could be gorgeous. 

I went to the range got some paint, paint brushes and some sanding down pads. I choose the Johnstones frosted silver for wood. Came out perfectly! 

I wasn’t going to paint at much of the rocker as i did but after I sanded it down I realised it had more paint cracks and chips than I original noticed. 

I haven’t sealed it with a top coat yet, I really like the matte finish but I don’t want it to flake. 

Pretty much the only part I didn’t paint was the main eeyore panel in the middle. The rest really did need lifting up. 

Paint was £8.99

Paint brushes £1.30

Sanding pads £2.00

Eeyore rocker £5.00

Not bad for  £17.29. 




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