Getting me time. 

Hello again 🙂 

This post is about how I get ready so quickly with Mason. Quite a lot of girls comment on my photos, snap me or direct message me asking how I get ready so quickly with Mason. 

I’ll be honest it got easier when Mason hit around 3/4 months because he started to focus on things more, like sounds and lights. 

So here are my top tips on how to get your me time to get ready while keeping your darling happy. 

Number one is definitely masons jumperoo. He loves it so much, I put Mason in this around 4 months but I used to have to put a folded blanket under so he wasn’t dangling. He can now touch floor at 5 months. 


Second is masons crib piano. He got this off his grandma for Christmas and he uses it every day. It lights up and plays music and when he kicks it, it changes the song. When Mason doesn’t want a nap but he’s tired I lie him in his cot and pop this on. 

It’s half price at the minute to! 



Third is masons tummy time pillow. He doesn’t really go long on this one, he enjoys it for about 10 minutes then gets lazy and rolls himself off it, but he likes laying next to it and looking in the mirrors on the ends. 



Lastly is masons teddies and mini playground. The playground thing is from Wilkinsons and it makes all different sounds, has mirrors on it, different handles. Mason loves sitting playing with it. 

Certain teddies Mason takes to and you’ll notice your little one will. His favourite is Bing and rubble from paw patrol. 

I hope this has helped some of you to get some ideas and get some of that well deserved mummy and daddy time back to get yourself ready or even just have a cheeky brew. 


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