Sensory Monday. 

  I’ve made every other Monday morning a day to go get my boy weighed and take him in the sensory room. 

He’s absolutely loving all the textures and lights at the minute.    

   First we lay in the red and gold section, he absolutely loved the noise of the pom poms and the feel of them. Dusted all the different materials over his face and he didn’t know whether to giggle or fall asleep.   Then we watched the projector make all different shapes and change colours, he was mesmerised by it.    

 Found a mirror and starred at himself for a good 10 minutes, God knows where he gets his vainess from, hehe.   

 I really need one of these star rattle balls. He loved this the most, black and white is amazing to Mason. He will just stare for hours at it.    

 Then we met daddy Adam and went for some Pizza Hut, where Mason just smiled at his dad literally the whole way through the meal. He actually fell asleep smiling at his dad. Think I’ve got a daddies boy on my hands, after spending 5 days away with him. 
Mason 15LB 3OZ 25.01.2016


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