Daddy’s day off. 

Masons morning consisted of his dad waiting for him to wake up as he fancied a lie in this morning, which i am not complaining about (: 

Then his dad had his usual chat because bikes, cars, his milk and sandwiches. Followed by making hats out of wet wipes which I’m sorry but it makes me laugh every time. 

We then went for some dinner with three out of five of Adams sisters! I mean I’m not going to lie, I had the monster Yorkshire and I don’t even feel bad because it was delicious! 

Realised today that my boy is just so smiley! He smiles all the time unless he’s sleepy or wants his bottle, I’m so lucky to have such a good baby boy! All he did was smile and giggle. Yes ladies giggle! It’s the most amazing sound I’ve ever heard!  

 Finished my Monday evening with a trip to Zumba with three of my girls. Trying to loose this baby belly and ton my body up! Feel so good after a work out but I just want to eat everything! At least I worked off some of that monster Yorkshire (: 



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