Sunday fun day. 

Mine and masons mornings always consist of us laying next to each other and having our morning chat. Most of the time he cuts it short to have his morning poo, haha! Second photo is my sons delicious poo face, which I find hilarious and adorable. Had a couple of selfies this morning as I was loving my new princess hair (: 

I love Sunday’s because Adam is either off work or he doesn’t start till 10, so me and Mason get a bit of a morning in bed with him.

Today we went to a little babies birthday called Teddie for his first birthday! Got me so excited for when I do masons first birthday party, not that I’m wishing his life away. I just love organising, so sad. My baby shower was planned before he was even conceived. 

Giving everyone his best smile and making all the women broody as usual. If your wondering, his leggings are from “bunnys charm” on Facebook & Instagram.



Later we went back to masons auntie Amanda’s for a bit while Mason kicked around and the mums had a chat. 

Back home to chats with daddy before bed time. Poor little thing just got another batch of teething pains. Currently fast asleep with his dummy smothered in teething gel and bright red cheeks. Adam fell asleep at the bottom of bed from watching him fall to asleep. Heart melting. 

Hope you had an amazing weekend!



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