9 weeks postpartum.

Hello again! Thought I’d do a blog on my stomach after I gave birth. I uploaded a picture a few weeks back, of my stomach and showed my flab and stretch marks. This is a bit of an update and what I’ve been doing, using and wearing to trick folk. 

My stomach still sticks out like am a few months pregnant, but that’s probably me not helping with my double cheese burger addiction, haha! 

My stomach has gone down but I don’t know if it’s just settling or if what I’ve been doing has been helping. 

I’ve been doing sit ups whenever Mason has a nap. Not loads, just easing myself into more and more each night. 

I bought a waist trainer also from @pretty_mollie which you can find on my Instagram or search their name. My stomach aches a lot so thought I’d invest and see if it helps. I wear it on the last one, because all though I’d love a Kim K waist I’m more using it for stomach support. 

I’ve wore this one all day and it doesn’t bother me at all, it actually makes me feel better and I don’t get stomach ache. 

My stretch marks have also lightened. I know they will never go but there improving everyday. I’ve been carrying on using my stretch mark cream from the CoCo Butter collection which is in boots, Superdrug etc. Smells delicious as well and makes the rest of my skin super soft. 

Don’t know if anybody wanted to know about my flabby tummy but I always like reading what other mums have used and have worked for them. Hope it was interesting for some of you. 

I always wear high waisted jeans, skirts, anything that covers my stomach really! 



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    1. As soon as he came out my stomach dropped but it’s all the excess left. My stomach stretch unbelievable in the last month of my pregnancy to the point where my skin won’t go back it stretch that much. I don’t like my stomach, it doesn’t get me down I just want to make it as good as I possibly can as when I look down it doesn’t look attractive to me. Like I said don’t let it bother me, just shove some high waisted knickers on haha!


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