Sorry I haven’t blogged in forever, motherhood took me a little by surprise. I thought I’d do a blog for the girls who have just had a baby and feel a little alone or the mums who are soon to have their little sunshines. Or if you just fancy a read! 


I planned every inch or my pregnancy as much as I could. I had my clothes ready in cases of new born, 0-3monthe, 3-6monthe and 6-9 months but no one really warns you how hard it is at first. 

Mason Ronnie Marsh, is my absolute world and always will be but I am not ashamed to admit that I struggled in the first 3/4 weeks. For the first two weeks I locked myself away breast feeding and healing. Mason was brilliant at breast feeding when I first started but by the second week he wasn’t getting enough from me. He would wake nearly every 45 minutes. I was physically drained and emotionally drained. 

I had a worried feeling in the pit of my stomach all the time like I was doing something wrong or something will go wrong. By the time I reach 15 days of having Mason I looked terrible. I was tired, cold all the time and couldn’t focus. I made a choice to put mason on to bottles and moved in with my brother and his wife who have two girls, aged 4 and 6. It was the best thing I did. They did some feeds for me I managed to get some sleep and start recovering. They were both so amazing with me, Adam and our son. 

Mason is now 6 weeks old, nearly 7 weeks and I feel confident and relaxed now. When people say it gets easier, it really does. I would say to anyone have a friend or a family member with you after birth. It makes you relax and the help is so appreciated. 

No one can ever prepare you for how different your life is going to be and how much of a strain your relationship will take but if your strong it will be make you stronger. Me and Adam couldn’t imagine not having our little boy now and forever will say he was the best decision we made and after trying for two years he was so worth the wait, the trying and the tears. 

I thought I’d be getting my house sorted, taking millions of outfit photos of him but instead I nap all the time and he spends most his days in a baby grow, hehe. 

Thanks for reading and I hope some of you now don’t feel so alone and know that all us mums are feeling the same as you. 

Rebecca & Mason x


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  1. I totally feel you! My baby boy is 14 days old now and I’ve been passing through lots of tears and emotional moments, I continue repeating myself that this moment will pass but it’s SO hard! I never thought it would be like this!
    I’m happy to see that I’m not the only one, and that everything will be ok! xo

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