My birthing story. 

Hello again! Well i definitely have something to blog about now, my birthing story. 

First off for any of the ladies who are due soon or over due, I’m going to tell you not to stress but you will anyway. I got so stressed and fed up, walking my ass into the ground, making my mouth raw with pineapple. I only went 5 and half days over due and it felt like half a year. Your perfect baby will come whenever they are ready to come. Sometimes that’s not at all, but it just means you made such an amazing home 🙂 

My first sweep, I was 3cm dilated and my 4cm of cervix tube had come away but my cervix was closed. After my first sweep i got like a dull period pain and back pain and lost my plug. 

My second sweep, I was still dilated 3cm but my cervix was now open. I had my second sweep Friday 12 o clock and I had my first contraction 12 O clock that night and had my Mason at 10.42 Saturday morning. 

I remember getting my first contraction around 12 and started to time them. They were already at 5 minutes apart, then dropped to every 4 minutes very fast. I rang my number for my mid wife and labour ward, good tip save it in your phone. Makes life so much easier, haha. I was in hospital by 2 o clock and having contractions that increased faster and harder. 

It becomes such a blur the bit inbetween. Your just being moved into different rooms, been checked all the time. I can’t remember where half the time went, I just concentrated on breathing. Literally breath deep and hard it does help to control your contractions. I did cheat a little and have gas and air for the first few hours. 

I was pushing with Mason for 2/3 hours but the doctors and midwifes decided there was something stopping me or Mason from coming out naturally. They decided to use a suction cup to bring his head further out, then I was cut and forceps who used to bring him into the world. 

The most amazing feeling when your stomach just drops and there is an ACTUAL baby boy lay on your chest. Unfortunately because I was cut and as Mason come out i tore a little more then i should of, i was numbed and took to threatre straight away. Was nice to be honest, I got to be painless and nap for an hour and half, haha. 

The hospital were I was were amazing with me and really looked after me and put me back together. I was discharged the next day at 3.30pm which the mid wife’s thought was fine because Mason had latched on to breast feeding so easily and I didn’t really want any pain relief. 


I’ve been home now for nearly 4 full days and I’ve loved every minute. I’m not looking amazing as I lost a lot of blood so I’m on iron tablets, tablets for the swelling after my surgery and antibiotics. 

I feel like I’ve been punched in my stomach and arms. My arms are dead all the time but I am breast feeding which takes a lot out of your arms (get a pillow girls). Every day I feel better though and I have the baby me and Adam planned, stopping planning due to thinking we couldn’t get pregnant, 10 months of carrying him, 10 and half hours of the most pain I’ve ever felt and its still the best thing I’ve ever done. 

My mum will read this so I want her to know that she is amazing, should stood by me through everything in my trying to conceive, being pregnant and at the birth. I love you, you one in a million woman. 

Have to thank my man to, he’s been so amazing looking after me. Making my food and drinks. Building baby things, being giving shopping lists of stuff I need. The one thing I will always be grateful to adam for and made me love him more than I thought possible, was the day my son looked at me. He gave me my little boy and I gave him his. 



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  1. Congratulations! (I know this was posted a while ago, but I love a Birth Story so had to read when I added you to my blog list!) Mason must be about 2 days younger than my boy. I still haven’t gotten around to doing his Birth Story, but I really should.
    Thanks for sharing!


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