Blogger much? 

I literally wish I had more to blog about. I haven’t blogged since mid August which is terrible, on my behalf. But after you’ve sorted the nursery, got your hospital bag ready, there’s not much to tell you guys!   Could go on about how uncomfortable I am now and fed up because I just want to meet my boy and wish I owned a t shirt that covered all my tummy, haha. 

Took my maternity leave a week go, so I’ve been tidying, nesting as most people call it. Trying to get my house spotless for when my little chubba is here. Just been enjoying  the last few weeks of just me and Adam before we become three. Had a few weddings and birthdays which I’m glad we’ve done before he arrives. 

Only a week till my due date so hopefully I’ll have a lot more to blog when my little mans here causing me sleepless night, haha. Always worth it.  
Rebeccajaydex & bump.  


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