Primark Haul. 


Thought I’d share my little Primark Haul with you guys. The stuff in there seems to get better for the price every time. There just little bits and bobs but such good things. 

I’ll start with the make up buys first. I don’t normally buy cheap make up, I mean I’m not a snob, I’m just a Superdrug girl, but these bits are so good! The primer is gorgeous and makes your foundation go on flawlessly. Pigmented lip glosses are always good in my book!    
 Some little random nail and hair buys. The salt spray is amazing. I tried it this morning after curling my hair, just gives it a less perfect finish. 

Little bottle of I Love..for my hospital bag.

 A little under wear is always one of my buys. Especially since getting pregnant, my boobs and bum are always growing, haha. 

Got myself a cheeky sports bra to for when I’m on my exercise ball. 

The pineapple knickers are just a random buy because I’ve got a thing for pineapples at the moment!    

 A random homeware buy is these two beautiful grey fur pillows. I actually have these in the pink, but I will always choose grey over any colour.  

I know it’s sunny and the middle of August but when I see a coat that I love this much, it has to be mine. 

I love dressing gown coats. I always buy two sizes up because oversized always looks better to me, plus I feel like I’m actually wearing a dressing gown. 

This coat was £30 which I thought was brilliant for the money.



My last little buy was this super cute cup with a straw of course, because I’m a weirdo who loves cups with straws, hehe. 

 Thank you for reading 😊 

Rebeccajayde & Mason bump x  


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