Hospital Bag. 


Hello again! 

I thought I would do a blog on my hospital bag. I’ve read lots of blogs and asked lots of friends who have had babies, each time people say different things. 

I’m not taking an awful lot because I have my mum and fiancé who both drive and said they can always go home for me, which is mega helpful so I’m not dragging half my life into the hospital. 

In my hospital bag: 

• Two cheap nighties. 

• Cheap dressing gown. (£8 Primark). 

• Comfy flip flops. 

• Black towel. 

• Travel size- Shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and tooth paste. 

• Vaseline.

• Maternity pads and nipple pads. 

• Nipple cream. 

• Face wipes. 

• Couple of bits of make up. 

• Big comfortable knickers. 

• Coming home outfit. (Baggy jumper and leggings). 

• Snacks and drinks.    

My little mans bag: 

• 3X Vests. 

• 3X Babygrows. 

• 3X Bibs. 

• Hand mits. 

• Socks.

• Comforter. 

• Blanket. 

• Dummies. 

• The starter set with the bottles your allowed. Ignore the bottle on the photo. That’s for when he’s at home. 

• Nappy bags. 

• Nappies. (X10) 

• Fluffy thick onesie suit to come home in. 

• Cotton buds. 




I’ll probably add loads more nearer the time knowing me. But I don’t want to over pack and I can always send someone off with a list. 

I am going to have a second bag at home just in case my stay is longer and my fiancé doesn’t bring matching outfits, haha! 

Everyone’s hospital bags will be different depending on what your births like etc. I’ll probably not use certain things and need something I haven’t packed.  


2 thoughts on “Hospital Bag. 

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  1. Love the elephant blanket & comforter – can I ask where you got them plz? Also, this post has been helpful as I’m due in 6 weeks with first baby so don’t want to overpack! Thanks 🙂


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