Obsessed with buying for my unborn child. ❤️

Vest: ASDA 

Hat: H&M

Milk bottle rattle: http://themilkcollective.bigcartel.com


All three outfits from: H&M ❤️


Cute little matching top & joggers from: Mothercare. ❤️


I ❤️ mummy & daddy vest from: Mothercare. 

Striped leggings from: H&M. 


Camera vest from: http://www.lindex.com/uk/

Bib from: Mothercare. 

Joggers from: Next. 


Pineapple vest from: http://www.lindex.com/uk/

Joggers from: Primark. 

Bib from: Gap


Baseball top from: http://www.lindex.com/uk/

Trousers from: http://www.tobiasandthebear.com

Bib from: Primark.


Trousers from: http://www.lindex.com/uk/

Hat from: H&M 


Still blogging, just not my clothes because his are far more important and cute. ❤️ Plus my clothes are becoming boring and literally anything that stretches! 

Leave some comments if you like i always reply and help as much as I can. 

Rebeccajaydex & bump. ❤️


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