Repair your pregnancy hair. 


Hello girls, thought I’d share a post about what products I’ve been using on my hair. The first 4 months of my pregnancy my hair snapped off all round my hair line, my ends spilt, hair dye didn’t take to my hair for longer than a week. Some girls hair is the complete opposite and grows and gets better. Unfortunately I was not one of them lucky girls. 

I’ve been trying loads of different products; shampoo’s, conditions, masques, oils. Finally I’ve found a combination that works, maybe as I’m hitting 31 weeks soon too means I’m coming to the end of it. So here’s my products and tips:

First is shampoo. I’ve been using Garnier Ultimate Blends, as you can see I’m nearly out of this already. Normally with a shampoo I want it to leave my hair dry feeling but while it’s been in this bad condition I needed a shampoo that was going to make it feel soft. I shampoo my hair twice, just something I’ve always done as I was a hairdresser and we always taught to wash the hair twice with shampoo. 

It leaves your hair feeling super soft and silky even before you’ve used any after conditioner products or masques. 


After the two washes with shampoo I use this Coconut water & coconut oil masque I picked up from Superdrug. It smells amazing and my hair as never felt so amazing after this. 

I pop this on my mid lengths and ends and comb through till it’s completely clear of knots then I wrap it up in a towel turban. Can get them in primark for a couple of pound. You can leave on for 5 minutes or all night. I leave mine for a good couple of hours. 

After I’ve rinse the masque off I pop this Argan Oil of Morocco through my mid lengths and ends. I also bought this product from Superdrug. I don’t put it through my roots as it would just make them greasy. 

I use this all the time, through wet and dry hair. Definetly bedore straightening my hair which I’ve tried to stay clear of. 

Lastly I’ve just been trying to blow dry my hair as smooth as possible so I don’t need to use straighteners. 

I hope these products work for any of your hairs, if your struggling from sad hair that’s needs helping get back to normal like mine. 

Rebecca jayde x & bump. 



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