Baby shower. 

The most amazing day today at my boys baby shower. After months of planning and buying things off eBay, the range, Instagram pages, it finally came today and it was perfect. Thought I’d share my day with you and hope it helps for any of your baby showers or just ideas. 

The dress I wore is from Boohoo and i would recommend to anyone pregnant or not pregnant. It’s the comfiest dress ever! I’ve got it in khaki too and I love them. No matter what boobs or bump you have it look fit perfectly. Felt I needed a bit of blue so popped a blue flower in my hair i grabbed of eBay. Dress link:


Crates: The Range. 

“Yum” flags: Ginger Ray. 

Sweet cones:

Tassel garland: garlands.accessories (Instagram)

I wanted to give all the girls something to keep from the baby shower. A company I used to blog for called DaintyLou messages me about these cute bracelets they do. I got to choose what kind of bracelet I wanted and what charm I wanted on them. They also sent me different cards to attached them to. All my girls today were over the moon with them. 

So glad I did this vest idea. After my baby shower I went through them all and was in tears! Tied a line of string round my garden gazebo and wooden pegged white new born vest round it. Bought a load of fabric pens off eBay and away they went! 



 My amazing sweet cones I ordered from the lovely @shwee.x (Instagram) her website is: 

Put my own personalised stickers on them and gave one to every guest. Had to order an extra one for me, hehe. 

Bought the photo booth pack from Ginger Ray. Think they were only £8 and was a great idea. Looking at everyone’s selfies on Instagram and snap chat after the baby shower. My cat got involved.  

This was good and really cheap. Made a chart of two weeks before my due date and two weeks after and put it in a photo frame. Cut out stars from card and stuck double sided sticky foam on each star with a guest name. They then picked a date they think he’s going to arrive on. 




  The women who made all this possible, my mum. 



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