Milk bottle blue. 


Thought I’d make a start on my baby shower bits. I’m literally so over the moon with my little milk bottles, thought I’d share them with you all! 

I still need to stick the ‘drink me’ flags on yet, but I have no glue right now so just imagine. 

The milk bottles themselves you’ve all probably seen loads, I drink my milkshake at night out of them. There from IKEA but there under the search ‘vase’. £1 each. 

All my others bits I found on eBay. The straws I ordered from China by accident but there all the same and did come within the 3 month delivery they told me, phew! *99p for 25*. 

The stickers are also off eBay from a seller called Labelamour. I ordered the biggest ones as they didn’t come very big. *£1.99 for 24*.

Drink me flags also off eBay, but you can make these yourself if you can be bothered. There just normal paper and then you glue each side together around the straws. 

The crates I got from The Range. I loved these for storage under my babies crib but they also look great to store your milk bottles in. Plus you can write little messages in chalk on the front 🙂   

Topped off with some string! 

Rebeccajayde & bump x



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