Maternity Lookbook.


Hello ladies, this is my maternity lookbook but a lot of the items are also from normal clothing sections so if your not preggers, still good to have a look! 

I’ll start with the casual outfits which are good for this sunny weather, but still a bit breezy. 

This top and jeans are from Topshop. Probably my favourite jeans up to now, they just have two stretch panels near the pockets and there so comfy. Link to the jeans is

 Link to the top is  


These kind of trousers aren’t for everyone, but I love a baggy khaki trousers. They are from FandF clothing at Tesco, in the normal clothing range but they have a stretch band and pull strings.

 Link to them is

 Paired with one of there soft basic t-shirts, link to this is 

 You can get basic tops from anywhere, I just liked this one because it was long in length.   


Next is  the H&M over the bump jeans, which I also have in black and these are super comfy and look just like normal jeans. 

Link to these is      

Paired it with a knit crochet top from FandF clothing at Tesco. Can’t find the link at the minute. 


Last but not least, topshop ripped black jeans. These are really good, look just like normal jeans but with a soft stretch panel all along the front. 

Link to these is


Move on to some summer outfits now. Everything this year is cropped and obviously having a big bump you don’t really want to walk round with your tummy out. So i thought I’d find so high waisted skirts that stretch. This one is also FandF clothing at Tesco. Also bought it in black. Can see in the next lot of pictures with my basic white tee again. This top is from Topshop (not maternity). Bag from Primark and sandals from Office.   



God, another FandF clothing find is this cute dress. Fits perfect from wear my boobs stop and my bump starts and not to short in length. I am 5.9! 

Link to this dress is  

Put it with my flower crown from daintylou, link to this is


This outfit I love! I got this skirt last year from Zara and it’s always been to long and dragged on the floor. So now it actually fits over my bump and doesn’t drag! Put this with my new boob tube from New Look. 

Link to this top is

Roll on summer!    

Last but not least, my topshop maternity pyjamas which were £30 but I literally can’t complain. I’m in absolute love. There so comfy and soft and I slept like a baby in them last night. 

Link to these is

    Little tips.

Birkenstocks are brilliant as most women’s feet swell so you can adjust the strapes. 

This bikini I picked up from FandF clothing in Tesco because there low rise so they sit under the bump and tie sides so you can move them as you grow bigger. 

Links to these are



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