Strawberry Wednesday. 

Don’t really know why I’m blogging about this, but someone put something similar up on Instagram and I thought it was a good idea. There’s was a slightly more suitable bottle for carrying around with you in the day but I haven’t found one yet.

This is from IKEA, think it was only £2.50. But I love flavoured waters but I find that there not flavourful enough, so decided to start making my own. My secret is a load of sugar in there, hehe.

Probably blogging more to the fact I’m stuck in work, when it’s 22 degrees outside today! Also my bump is starting to get to the uncomfortable sitting stage, were I have to sit up dead straight all the time. Look like an ironing board back.

Hope you guys are enjoying your Wednesday’s in the sun, whatever you lucky Devils are doing.

Rebeccajayde & bump x


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