New Beginnings.


Thought I would do a blog post, on the new room addiction in my house,  which is a nursery. I’ve wanted a baby since I was in my teens and I met my nieces. I instantly fell in love with them. Me and Adam, my fiancé decided about a year and a half ago I was grown up and in a good enough place, to try for a baby. It didn’t happen for 14 months and I started to get upset every now and then. Me and Adam decided to stop trying and thinking about it. A few months later WALA!!

My fashion blogging had slowed down so much, but when you find out your having a baby, it just becomes everything. Well to me it has anyway, hehe. I’ve been obsessed with decorating the nursery. Getting ideas for my baby shower and just constantly buying things. Plus I’m kind of in the annoying stage off clothes not fitting me and maternity clothes being to big. Awkward!

Anyway, I hope this was a bit different and interesting for you to read. I will be uploading more, as I’ve just realised I can do blog posts from my phone. Seriously, my dad is better then technology than me!

Rebeccajayde & bump x

  • Armchair – IKEA
  • Wallpaper – £9.99 a roll.
  • Big rug – IKEA £9 (bargain)
  • Paper ceiling balls – ASDA £6
  • Star blanket – PRIMARK £5.50
  • Grey shabby pillows – PRIMARK
  • Star big sack –£35
  • Star baby personalised – £10
  • Grey wood photo frames – IKEA
  • Grey and white notepads – IKEA
  • Wood white star – the range ( was brown, I painted it white )
  • White photo frames – the range

image  imageimage  image image image image


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