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This is such a simple outfit, I threw on the other day. My closet girl to me is my cousin and she’s always telling me my best outfits are the ones are I put on everyday and don’t think so much about. The weather was quite sunny the other day, when I wore this, but I did take out an oversized plain coat just in case.

I own two pairs of Dr.Martens and these ones I would recommend to anyone. There ridiculously comfy, warm and I love the colour. My others are the patent white ones which I like the look of more, but there no where near as comfy as these ones.

These jeans are by far the best steal! I got these from PRIMARK a couple of weeks back. There just perfect ripped blue jeans.

The shirt is one I bought of depop, which am addicted to. If you have it and have a similar style to me please inbox me on depop or leave your username in the comments and ill give you a follow. username: rebeccajaydex

My top is from HOLLISTER but there is an outlet one near me, so I got it from that one. If you have one near you or not far I would defiantly say go have a look. Its so much cheaper!

Normally my pictures are taken with my tripod but I’ve lent it out at the minute and my fiancé doesn’t really like taking pictures or if he does he seems to like getting ones of me look absolutely awful.

P.S please ignore my messy bedroom, I’m re doing it at the moment. Trying to figure out what colours I want in it. Need some interior inspo!

  • White tee- Hollister
  • Shirt- depop
  • Jeans- Primark
  • Boots- Dr.Martens
  • Watch- Daniel Wellington
  • Bracelet- Thomas Sabo
  • Lipstick- Mac ‘kinda sexy’








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