It was minus in Essex today, it was freezing! But I do love scarfs and oversized coats, so there always an excuse to look like a giant bear.

Sundays are my family days. I go shopping and have yummy food nearly every Sunday with my mother, brother and his girls.

I’m not a camera freak, I know it looks like that, but my iPhone camera is actually broke, due to me dropping it down a toilet (don’t ask). So all my mirror selfie photos and things have to be taken with my camera, while I’m out and about.


DSCN0745       DSCN0750



Long jumper – TOPSHOP SALE £20

Massive black scarf – ZARA £19.99

Chelsea snake boots – DEICHMANS £24.99

Fedora hat – RIVER ISLAND

Ripped jeans – ASOS £38


As usual while I was out, I found some things I like. The first this black jumpsuit from MONSOON. Unfortunately I’m lacking in the boob department so I cant carry this off very well.

Then I found this cardigan/ coat jacket in MONSOON to. Both in the sale. I don’t shop in there religiously because its not really my style and bit pricey. But I do like to have a look when the sales are on.


Clearly was all about the jumpsuits today, as I fancy this one too, from H&M. They only had a size 10 left, but I like it once I pulled it in. So I think I’m but going to have to do a bit of stitching with this one.

Yes, I do have odd socks on. Fluffy socks seemed to go missing in my house.



Then there’s always shoes in H&M that I think I really need in my life, which I know I will probably never wear or wear once. These slip ons were one of these. They didn’t have my size 😦


Then my little girly treats to myself, because you cant help but pick things up on the way to the till in H&M.

DSCN0817 (2)

Last put not least, some super comfy platform trainers for just every day wear from NEW LOOK – £12.99.




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