I had to do an FandF blog as I’m so over the moon with what I’ve purchased. If your wondering what FandF is, it’s the clothing brand at Tesco. I know, shocking!

I’ve got a birthday meal coming up, which I thought I’d wear the dogtooth two piece for. I purchased the trousers in a size 6 long. There so flattering. The t-shirt I bought in an 8 so it stood out with the trousers being fitted.

The boots are also from there. I don’t really wear heels but these I had to give in for. There so comfortable and just make any casual outfit look a bit more dressy.

Dressed both outfits up with a faux leather soft clutch and some bangles.

Details at the bottom.







The second outfit is for my works night out. Its just a meal and a karaoke so I didn’t want to look to over done.

I’m truly in love with this shirt. It just makes an outfit a bit more interesting. So flattering and looks amazing with all my jeans. On a casual day I wear this with ripped jeans and Chelsea boots. I bought it in a size 6.

The jeans are just basic highwaisted black jeans. Same style as Topshop Joni jeans.

Dressed it up with the same faux leather clutch bangles and a necklace.

Details at the bottom.






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