CelebLook Collaboration



CelebLook were lovely enough to gift me with this cable knit batwing jumper and these high waisted panel jeans.

Today I had some errands to run, so this was the perfect outfit to throw on and keep casual with my trusty converse. These jeans are an absolute steal, as they’re very similar to Topshop’s ‘Leigh’ jeans, but with more detail and for half the price! They’re really versatile as they can be worn casually or dressy (depending on your style).

This jumper is an Autumn/Winter must have for me, as the high collar contrasts nicely against my collarless leather jacket. It’s oversized, comfortable and perfect under any jacket.

  • Cable Knit Batwing jumper – £14.99 from CelebLook
  • Acid Wash skinny jeans – £19.99 from CelebLook
  • Collarless Leather jacket – ASOS (sold out)
  • Bodywarmer – £40 (independent boutique)
  • Low top Converse – £44.99 from Office
  • Hipanema bracelet – £45 from Fish Brothers
  • Necklaces – £8.99 for 3 Depop (seller: thekitschwitch)

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